Best Ways To Reduce Blue Light Exposure.

Blue light can be very disruptive to your natural circadian rhythm. Minimising your exposure to blue light during the day and before bed can help you to sleep better and wake up feeling more energised. Blue light can inhibit the release of melatonin into your body, which prevents you from being able to fall asleep easily. Here are my top tips for reducing your exposure to blue light. 


  1.  Wear blue light blocking glasses.
  2. Add blue light screen filters to your phone and computer.
  3. Reduce artificial light in your home – use natural light as much as possible and candles in evenings. 
  4. Change to low blue light bulbs.
  5. Reduce time spent watching TV or on phones/laptops. Take s break at least every 20-30 mins to prevent eye strain.
Minimising blue light exposure is just one way to boost your natural circadian rhythm. I will be posting some more ways to manage your circadian rhythm soon! 

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