How To Reset Your Circadian Rhythm.

kickstart your circadian rhythm

Here are some of my top tips for resetting your circadian rhythm and feeling more energised. Don’t try to change everything at once, start with one aspect and once it’s become a habit and then add in the next thing. Consistency is key!

  1. Set your alarm to go off 15 mins before sunrise (if possible with your work/life schedule). This means you will be having to change your alarm throughout the year as the daylight hours change. Get up and go outside (weather permitting) or sit by a window and watch the sun come up. You can multi-task by doing some meditation, reflective practice, grounding, watering plants etc. The important part is for you eyes to see the sunrise or daylight appear. Try to be outside or in the daylight for at least 15-20 mins. Do not wear sunglasses or suncream during this outdoor time.
  2. Minimise artificial light during the day. Position you desk near a window for natural light and turn down brightness on electronic screens.
  3. Use blue blockers after sunset and minimise artificial light. Use candles if possible or red/incandescent light bulbs. Minimise the use of TV screens, computers, phones after sunset. 
  4. Use blackout blinds on windows and wear a sleep mask and ear plugs to get a good nights sleep. Remove all electronics from the bedroom as much as possible. Do not charge your phone next to your bed. 
  5. Avoid eating after sunset as much as possible. This disturbs your circadian rhythm by triggering a cortisol response. 
Some of these things will take time to adjust to but persevere until they become a habit! I will be posting more tips on energy and cortisol/melatonin responses in upcoming blog posts. 

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