How To Use A Dry Brush And Why You Should Start!

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate your body (don’t dry brush your face) as well as stimulate circulation, lymph flow and increase skin appearance. It’s good to do before you take a shower or bath.

There are various different types of natural dry brushes that you can buy online. Here is the one I use.

Detoxifying Dry Brush

Don’t forget to moisturize after washing your skin whilst it is still wet to hold the moisture in as much as possible. You can dry brush daily or a few times a week depending on your skin or weather conditions. Skin tends to be drier in the Winter so sometimes more brushing is required. 

How To Dry Brush


For your lower limbs start at your feet and brush upwards towards your knees and the from your knees to the top of you inner thighs where most of your lymph nodes are.

For your torso – brush upwards towards the middle of your chest or up into your armpits. If you can get someone to help with your back then the same applies, brush upwards towards the armpits. 

For the arms start at the wrists and again brush towards the elbows and then from your elbows towards the armpits.

Be careful when dry brushing sensitive skin such as the back of hands, chest or neck areas. Apply the brush very lightly.

Spend about 5 minutes dry brushing before you shower or bath. It is normal to get some redness of the skin but there should not be any bleeding or irritation that doesn’t settle down after a short period of time. Start gently until you understand your skins tolerance. Make sure to moisturize the skin well after showering with an oil or cream.

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