My Morning Routine – How I Kickstart My Day.

My current morning routine:

~Woke at 5:45am
~Laid in bed and did 4 rounds of breathwork + meditation to set intentions for day
~Put on red tint glasses and kept lights low until sunrise
~Had two ampules of Quinton minerals and a large glass of structured water
~Went outside (39 degrees out) at 6:45am to see sunrise with my naked eyes
~Put my bare feet in the grass (cold yes, but not going to kill you)
~Ate breakfast of 2 eggs cooked in grassfed butter + leftover broccoli from dinner + @foursigmatic black coffee
~Journaled 5 minutes
~Read 10 minutes

I’m charged up and ready to start my day filled with client calls, a podcast interview and a long GSD list.

Is this routine “easy” to commit to daily? Not always. It definitely was not at the beginning! And many days, truth be told, I don’t feel like it.

But, at some point, I had to take a look at my daily habits and be honest about how they were contributing to the kind of life and health I desired.

Our daily habits are either helping us evolve or keeping us trapped and spinning in circles…like the movie Groundhog Day.

Change is hard! It can be scary to choose the path less traveled, the one you’ve never been on before, the one most people around you are not walking.

You have to decide – if nothing changes in your life and with your health, are you happy with that playing on repeat every day for the rest of your life like Groundhog Day?

When you see how the status quo path plays out for most people as they age, does that appeal to you or do you find yourself wanting more?

These are not easy questions, but I invite you to sit with them and see what comes up for you from that deep place of inner wisdom.

Why wait until January to decide you want something different for yourself in 2024? What small steps could you start taking NOW towards your goals and desires?

I’ve completely transformed my health and life, but it started first with a decision to take action. It didn’t change overnight, but with the commitment to keep taking one step after another in the direction of the outcome I desired, I reclaimed my health and power.

If you’re ready to take action and want help, let’s chat!

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