My Recommended Quantum Biology Books.

quantum biology books

Quantum Biology Books.


The Body Electric – Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life – Robert Becker and Gary Selden.

Life On The Edge – The Coming Of Age Of Quantum Biology – Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili.

The Mitochondriac Manifesto – How Nature Nurtures The Body, And /technology Torments It – R.D.Lee.

Epi-Paleo Rx – The Prescription For Disease Reversal And Optimal Health – Dr. Jack Kruse.

The Vital Question – Energy, Evolution, and the Origins Of Complex Life – Nick Lane.

Decoding The Human Body Field – The New Science of Information As Medicine – Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey.

The Ultimate Guide To Methylene Blue – Mark Sloan.

Mitochondria And The Future Of Medicine – The Key To Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging And Life Itself – Lee Know.

Reconnecting To The Source – The New Science of Spiritual Experience, How it can Change You and How it can transform the world – Ervin Laszlo.

Electromagnetism & Life – Robert O. Becker and Andrew A. Marino.

Defeating Cancer – The Biological Effect Of Deuterium Depletion. 

Bath Bombs & Balneotherapy – The Surprising Health Benefits Of Bath Bombs & Ancestral Secrets Of Hot Springs, Dead Sea Minerals & Carbon Dioxide Baths For Disease Treatment – Mark Sloan.


Sun / Light Energy Books.


The Healing Power Of The Sun – A Comprehensive Guide To Sunlight As Medicine – Richard Hobday. 

Red Light Therapy – Miracle Medicine – Mark Sloan.

Health And Light – The Extraordinary Study That Shows How Light Affects Your Health And Emotional Well-being – John N. Ott.

Water Energy Books.


The Fourth Phase Of Water – Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapour – Gerald Pollack.

Sacred Geometry Of Water – How To Make Healing Water – Michael D. Millar.

Mind / Body Connection Books.


Mind Power Into The 21st Century – Techniques to horness the astounding powers of thought – John Kehoe.


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