Renew And Recharge: Yoga And Wellness Retreat In Costa Rica: April 2024.

yoga and wellness retreat costa rica

Dates: April 6th – April 13th 2024.


What’s Included

In Your Costa Rica Yoga Retreat.

  • 7 nights accommodations. Daily housekeeping service.
  • Airport shuttle to Blue Osa on the day of arrival and back to the airport from Blue Osa on the day of departure.
  • Three farm-to-table meals per dayTypically the meals are vegan/ vegetarian. Eggs are offered daily, and chicken options for 2 or 3 dinners throughout the week. Blue Osa’s commitment is to serve fresh, nutritious meals made from the freshest ingredients possible. While some adjustments can be made to the menu, the staff is not able to prepare individual orders or serve Kosher Meals. 
  • Free Wi-Fi in the common area by the Cocina

  • Access to Blue Osa’s yoga props

  • Beach towel and bath towels

  • Access to Blue Osa’s private secluded beach

  • Access to Blue Osa’s chlorine free pool 

  • $50 gift certificate for a spa service

  • Yoga classes twice a day (morning and evening)

  • Guided morning hike ritual at 5am with bird watching 


A Typical Day On The Retreat.

Imagine a week where the rhythm of the earth is what dictates the movements of your body. As the jungle slowly starts to awaken at the very first glints of light coming across the mainland to the Osa Peninsula, the birds begin their song and the distant sounds of the howler monkeys start the beat of the drum. You slowly start to feel the pulse in your body and the breath in your lungs become conscious.

Maybe you lie in bed and just enjoy the symphany or you slowly take a stroll for a fresh cup of coffee and go walk to the beach to watch the sunrise. Some mornings you may feel the call to take a swim before breakfast & yoga practice..

You soak up morning practice and afterwards, with your yoga bliss still radiating, you walk to the pool and catch some sun while reading your favorite book. Then, perhaps a nice stretch of the legs and a long walk on the beach feels right, or an adventure off property may be calling your name. After a leisurely afternoon, you head to grab a smoothie before retreating to the open air studio for afternoon practice. By this time the smell of the ylang ylang flowers have filled the air and captivated your senses.

Evening practice effortlessly transitions into a calm night of drinks, dinner and time spent with the rest of our group recalling the day that is slowly coming to a close.

Combined together, Tiffany & Tyler have been practicing yoga for over 30 years and have been teaching wellness practices for over 20 years.

In addition to teaching yoga, Tiffany is also a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and is passionate about helping people learn how to heal the body naturally to obtain radiant health. She’ll be weaving key principles of holistic health into her teachings throughout the week.

Still have questions? Click HERE to visit the retreat website and to make any enquires.

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