Top Tips For Removing Unhealthy Toxins From Your Home.

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Are you wanting to reduce the amount of chemicals and allergens your body is exposed to when at home? Here are my top tips for removing unnecessary chemicals allergens and toxins from your home.

  • Regular dusting (with a damp duster) all surfaces. De-clutter as much as possible so there are less surfaces for dust to collect.
  • Vacuuming regularly and avoiding carpets as much as possible in your home, rugs are to be aired, washed and beaten on a regular basis. Don’t forget to vacuum your mattress also.
  • Open windows – but be mindful of the location you live, in busy cities it might be better to keep them closed and use an air purifier on days of high pollution, you can use apps to check this in your area.
  • Air purifier – these can be expensive but are very effective for removing dust and toxins from the air. Make sure to clean the filter in the purifier on a regular basis so it can work efficiently.
  • Use a water filter – there are many different types with varying prices so research what would be best for your home and budget. Change the filter as required by the manufacturer.
  • Remove all chemical scents – scented plug-in’s, scented candles, air fresheners, febreze, etc all need to be removed from your house. You can make your own fabric sprays with healthy non-toxic ingredients. If you must use perfume then try a natural one and spray on clothes rather than directly on skin. Also, don’t use cleaning products with chemical scents. Same for other beauty products, avoid parfum/fragrance.
  • Removal of shoes at the door – try to be strict with the no shoes in the house policy, it will make a massive difference to the cleanliness of your home.
  • Don’t leave soiled clothes in the laundry basket for a long time. Wash your gym and soiled clothes as soon as possible after removing them.
  • EMF Protection – turn off wifi router at night and keep phones out of the bedroom. Use a regular battery alarm clock. Avoid TV’s in bedroom.
  • Blue Light Protectors – glasses or screen protectors to be used when using phones/laptops/desktops and TV.
  • Pet hygiene – wiping paws after being outside as much as possible, brushing/ grooming outside as needed, baths/grooming sessions on a regular basis. Cleaning after toileting as required. Not allowing pets to sleep on beds or sofas. Wash pet beds and towels/blankets regularly to reduce chance of fleas breeding.
  • Avoid high mold foods – such as instant coffee, alcohol, grains and dried fruit, and make sure to store all foods correctly in sealed containers and eat within use by date.

Click the link below to find out more about the toxins in certain household items.

Toxin Exposure Checklist 

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I hope this helps! I will be providing more detailed info on toxins in the home in future blog posts.

Tiffany x

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