What’s The Difference Between Nutrigenetics And Nutrigenomics?

nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics

Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are two related but distinct fields of study.

Nutrigenetics is the study of how an individual’s genetic makeup affects their response to nutrients and dietary factors. It focuses on how genetic variations or mutations can influence nutrient metabolism, absorption, and utilization. Nutrigenetics aims to identify an individual’s genetic predisposition to certain diseases, dietary deficiencies, or intolerances, and provide personalized dietary recommendations to optimize health.

On the other hand, nutrigenomics is the study of how dietary factors and nutrients can influence gene expression and regulation. It examines how nutrients and bioactive compounds interact with the genome at the molecular level and can affect gene expression, protein synthesis, and metabolism. Nutrigenomics aims to understand how specific dietary components can modify gene expression and metabolism to optimize health and prevent chronic diseases.

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