What Is Mouth Taping And Why Is Nasal Breathing Important?

mouth taping and importance of nasal breathing

What Are The Health Benefits Of Nasal Breathing VS Mouth Breathing?

Nasal breathing is our primary way of breathing, whereas mouth breathing is for use during periods of exertion where insufficient oxygen can be acquired via nasal breathing. However, many of us have developed the habit of mouthing breathing at rest, during gentle activity or during our sleep which can have a variety of negative health consequences. The nose is designed to filter substances such as dirt pollution and pathogens from the air, whilst also warming the air prior to it reaching the lungs. The mouth doesn’t have the ability to do either of these things, therefore mouth breathers expose their lungs to a greater amount of pollution and pathogens which can then lead to other lung issues (plus think about smoking and all of the harmful substances going directly into your lungs with no filter). 

Nasal breathing (also known as the nasal inspiratory technique) also slows down your breathing rate (which is why it’s often recommended to people having panic/anxiety attacks) and enables improved lung volume and diaphragm efficiency. 

Your nose is designed to filter out dust, allergens and pathogens from the air, you will often notice this more when you take a trip to a big city where the pollution is greater, you blow your nose and see the black particles of dirt and pollution that have come out of your nose. Not an pleasant experience but it shows you how important your nose really is. Imagine if that had gone straight into your lungs instead (when mouth breathing) it’s a lot more difficult for your lungs to clear out dirt and takes a lot longer.

The nose is also an exit pathway for bacteria and viruses when you are sick. 

 What Is Mouth Taping?

Is the application of a thin piece of porous tape over the lips to prevent mouth breathing during the night. 

Mouth Taping Benefits:

  •  Helps to prevent snoring
  • improves sleep apnea
  • helps mental focus
  • reduces fatigue
  • better dental health

There are various options for mouth taping products online that are extremely affordable. But please make sure you only use tape that is designed for mouth taping otherwise you can irritate the sensitive skin around your mouth and lips. Never reuse the tape. Just apply the tape before you get into bed and remove it when you wake up in the morning.

I mouth tape every night and am wake up feeling refreshed and energised! I hope you give this a try and see how it can improve your health also. 

A book I recommend to read on breathing is: BreathJames Nestor – The new science of a lost art.

You can also read my full book list HERE.

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