Why You Should Hire A Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coach.

Why hire a functional health coach

What is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner or FDN-P®?


An FDN Practitioner has successfully completed the FDN Certification Course. FDN Practitioners are trained in investigating underlying causes & conditions. They then use evidence-based protocols to restore functional health and wellness. FDN Practitioners understand how to select the right functional health tests, and what to look for when analyzing the test results. 

FDN Practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease but rather they identify healing opportunities & eliminate contributors to Metabolic Chaos™. This enables your FDN practitioner to support you on your personal health journey!


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A FDN Practitioner?

 FDN-P®s are able to work together with other health professionals or as part of a multidisciplinary team. The goal is full client care and support with communication with other members of your health management team as required. 

Nutritional support is an important part of your functional wellness and it requires someone with in-depth knowledge to support you on this journey to better health.  FDN®’s also have the ability to order lab work in your local area. This includes different countries outside of the US. Further details can be supplied regarding this on application. FDN-P®s can order full hormone work-ups and other tests to determine digestive capability and detailed laboratory tests to look for underlying pathogens like yeast or unfriendly bacteria and then offer natural solutions to remove the underlying pathogens from your system.  

 One of the main benefits to hiring an FDN-P is to get to the root cause of your health problems. Your FDN-P would work towards finding the underlying reasons for illness or health issue and provide healthy changes to your lifestyle in order to improve your problems. 


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners® often work online as well as in-person.  This means that you don’t always have to spend time traveling to an appointment and instead they can be in the comfort of your own home during 1:1 sessions.  

Download FDN Brochure

To read more about being a FDN® and about the services offered please visit www.functionaldiagnosticnutrition.com

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